Fitness Studios in London: The Good and the Bad


How do you tell a good fitness studio from a bad one?

Easy answer: look at how much they charge

From my experience, those fitness gyms in London that advertise with very low prices are most of the time not worth the money. Yes, there may be the one or the other exception, but I myself stopped chasing for the lowest gym membership prices because of numerous really bad experiences.

I’ve seen it many times how the cheap gyms here in the area seem to make good for their “oh so incredible cheap ” prices with a total lack of service and poorly maintained and outdated equipment. In other words, you get what you pay for.

The irony here is that the differences in fitness gym costs, at least here in East London, are not really worth a second look. You might save a couple of bucks or so, but ultimately it’s really not worth it. If you save a couple of bucks with one fitness studio it might ultimately be pointless if the studio is somewhat further away and you need to spend more on gas money or for public transportation.

When I am looking for a good gym, what I do is that I first look at their exercise equipment. I don’t sign up with anything before I visited the studio in person and checked everything out. I’m also looking whether they have staff on site. If they only have a single desk with one person and not even bothering with those types of fitness gyms. I don’t know about you, but I always want someone knowledgeable nearby did I can ask about the equipment or the best routines.

The other thing I investigate when I choose a gym is whether they offer exercise courses and classes. I look whether I can take yoga or Pilates classes if I want to. I prefer those courses over simply going to a gym, because it’s then that I know there will always be a qualified trainer around. So, even if such a course should would cost a little more as compared to a plain membership I’d prefer those.

At London Fields Fitness you can learn all about what makes a quality fitness gym.

My Recommended Destinations For Golf Holidays

As a golf enthusiast I am certainly not the only one who cannot be without at least a week per year spending some fantastic golf holidays abroad. I usually book them fairly early in advance before I go in autumn so I can get in on the one or the other nice discount.

golf holidays in ItalyOver the years I have visited and seen many popular golf break destinations, from Spain and France to Italy, Poland, Romania and Hungary.

My best experiences so far have been with those golf holidays in France and in Italy.

What I like about them is that it’s rather close to the United Kingdom (as long as you don’t want to go too much South) and of course the many really fantastic golf courses to play on.

I think the best greens are definitely in France in the Biarritz area but the northern Italian courses near Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore are also outstanding.

I think it’s a tie because both countries have their unique charm, so it’s difficult to say which one I like best.

When I book my golf holidays I always get the complete packages that include everything, most importantly the green fees. This is way better as compared t when I have to do that on my own, besides it also always saves some money that way.

Sometimes I go by myself while my family stays home and sometimes we go on holidays together. Then we like to go to Biarritz because my wife loves the spas there and the kids can go swimming while I play. Those are the best golf holidays in my opinion since everyone in the family can do what they like during the day.

The Singing Waiters

secretsingers-birthday partyNow it’s springtime again in the United Kingdom. Needless to say this is also the time where we see weddings and a lot more other cool outdoor festivities and parties!

If you or someone you know has a wedding reception planned for this spring or in the upcoming summer months you might want to give particular attention to what musical entertainment you choose for your big day.

In the UK, surprise entertainment is currently all the hype. Right now, one could say that you cannot have a memorable party or wedding reception anywhere in or around the British capital without doing something really special for your guests. This is where I can recommend The Singing Waiters to you.

The Singing Waiters differ from many other surprise entertainers in that they are professionally trained. This means you won’t get some poor or average performers for your wedding reception or other important event. You can even book them if you need some really classy musical entertainment, say if you happen to be the owner of a company and want to impress your clients. As you can imagine, some local teenagers from down the street performing would sure be a rather poor choice for such an occasion.

The Singing Waiters cannot only do the classic “surprise at the party” stunts where they dress up as waiters. The can also do flash mobs  and other types of musical entertainment for parties, depending what you have in mind and what would be most suitable. Just recently they added more costumes  and routines that are fantastic for your children’s birthday party.

What I liked best about The Singing Waiters is the variety of what they can do, that they can cover everything from classical music, jazz to the latest hits everyone loves. This makes them a great choice for all types of events.

On Sports Apprenticeships

sports-apprenticeships-LondonIf you are a young sports enthusiast, chances are that you also want to pursue a career in this field.

You may look into a career as an athlete or soccer player, or maybe as a trainer or a professional for sports medicine.

Chances are also that you may have a certain sports team or company in mind you desperately want to get in. I mean, what can be better than a well paying career with that team you’re rooting for?

This is a tip I got from my buddy Andrew: He told me that people who plan to get into a particular team or sports company should try getting on as apprentices rather than asking for a full-time position right away. Andrew also told me that most of his buddies started their career as apprentices in sports and most of them (9 out of 10) did also get hired once their apprenticeship concluded.

He said that it’s already quite a gamble finding a good job in the field of sports since not many companies or teams hire right now or if they hire they don’t always advertise this on the usual places. If you go there asking for a full-time position, chances are they may tell you they won’t hire and you won’t even have an opportunity to give them your CV.

On the other hand, ask them for apprenticeship openings and they may take you and then hire you after a year or so. At the Career Map website there is more information about sports apprenticeships in London and other locations in the UK.

This is the site Andrew recommends if people are looking for apprenticeships:

Consider Sports Too When You’re Looking For A Good School

World Sports Day - LondonIf your family happens to be one of those families where sports plays a big role, finding the right school may not necessarily always be easy.

If you want your children grow up where they can participate in sports such as soccer, swimming, running and the like you should think twice whether a public school can actually offer your children what they want.

You would be surprised how many of our public schools are lacking suitable sports facilities. To find a school that has its own running track, soccer field and other facilities is a rather rare thing. If sport is important for you and your children a private school can often be the better option.

By and large, most independent private schools in the United Kingdom are caring for their reputation a lot more than our public schools to. This is one reason that it is more likely to find a privately owned school that has modern sports facilities that can range from well kept running tracks to Olympic sized swimming pools.

Most of the time, private schools in the UK are also renowned for having successful teams in a variety of sports. For your children this can be ideal if they enjoy playing soccer or similar sports in a team.

Know that while classes such as chemistry, maths or history are certainly important when it comes to the education of your children, a school that cares for sports can provide them a lot more. It is not exactly a secret that being active in sports can be good for your children’s health and motivation, sports can likewise be beneficial since it helps your children learn traits such as responsibility our leadership.

In conclusion, before you decide on a school for your children make sure that the school can also offer them everything when it comes to sports. You shouldn’t ignore this very important aspect of your children’s education. You cannot go wrong if you decide on a good school such as the respected Kingshottschool, my personal choice if you’re looking for independent schools in Hertfordshire or elsewhere in the UK.

Jules Bianchi injured in Japan

bianchiJules Bianchi has suffered severe injuries after crashing into a recovery vehicle at the Japanese Grand Prix according to the BBC.

From what we know now, he will need to undergo surgery and then be transferred to intensive care.

It was reported that he was unconscious while they took him to the hospital following the incident. As it  seems he lost control of the car at the same spot at Suzuka where recovery vehicles had been attending a previous crash.

Here are some of the latest updates:

While the injuries are reported to be very severe, last news I have are that he is doing slightly better and can now breathe on his own.