On Sports Apprenticeships

sports-apprenticeships-LondonIf you are a young sports enthusiast, chances are that you also want to pursue a career in this field. You may look into a career as an athlete or soccer player, or maybe as a trainer or a professional for sports medicine.

Chances are also that you may have a certain sports team or company in mind you desperately want to get in. I mean, what can be better than a well paying career with that team you’re rooting for?

This is a tip I got from my buddy Andrew: He told me that people who plan to get into a particular team or sports company should try getting on as apprentices rather than asking for a full-time position right away. Andrew also told me that most of his buddies started their career as apprentices in sports and most of them (9 out of 10) did also get hired once their apprenticeship concluded.

He said that it’s already quite a gamble finding a good job in the field of sports since not many companies or teams hire right now or if they hire they don’t always advertise this on the usual places. If you go there asking for a full-time position, chances are they may tell you they won’t hire and you won’t even have an opportunity to give them your CV.

On the other hand, ask them for apprenticeship openings and they may take you and then hire you after a year or so. At the Career Map website there is more information about sports apprenticeships in London and other locations in the UK. This is the site Andrew recommends if people are looking for apprenticeships. There is also more about sports apprenticeships at http://www.apprenticeships.org.uk/types-of-apprenticeships/leisure-travel-and-tourism/sporting-excellence.aspx

Jules Bianchi injured in Japan

bianchiJules Bianchi has suffered severe injuries after crashing into a recovery vehicle at the Japanese Grand Prix according to the BBC.

From what we know now, he will need to undergo surgery and then be transferred to intensive care.

It was reported that he was unconscious while they took him to the hospital following the incident. As it  seems he lost control of the car at the same spot at Suzuka where recovery vehicles had been attending a previous crash.

Here are some of the latest updates: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/formula-1/jules-bianchi-crash-live-updates-4382002

While the injuries are reported to be very severe, last news I have are that he is doing slightly better and can now breathe on his own.

A Tip For Your Sports Retail Business

If you’re in the sports retail business, and in particular  if you have an online business where you ship out merchandise to your customers, fast response times and quick delivery are extremely important. An online business cannot sustain and be successful if customers are not satisfied such as when there are lengthy shipping delays, mistakes on invoices and other problems.

shipping softwareThe larger your sports retail business gets, the more frequent it can happen that such issues come up, especially in peak times such as we had not too long ago during the soccer world-cup in Brazil.

Many smaller sports retail businesses saw themselves overwhelmed because of the sudden increase in demand for soccer related merchandise. T-shirts, flags and entire soccer outfits couldn’t be ordered fast enough to cater the sudden demand by customers.

And this is why businesses need to plan ahead to prepare for such eventualities. One very effective way to protect from delays and problems for your retail shipping business would be if you use modern shipping software.

This is a type of software that can help you significantly in many stages for your business, starting with the entire ordering process, keeping track of your stock and also with finding the fastest and most economical way to ship your goods to your customers.

In times where demand is high, shipping software can help speed up your operations so that your retail business can satisfy your customers without any sacrifices. It can also help to keep mistakes at a bare minimum so as to make sure that your customers really get what they ordered – always on time and in the fastest way possible.

Those businesses who encountered problems in those past weeks during the world-cup may have lost a good amount of money and potential profit due to poor foresight and planning. On the other hand, you should take this as an opportunity to update your operations now. Selecting modern shipping software should be your first step. It’s an investment that will pay off for almost any type of business today.

Sky Sports Extends Its Golf Coverage Rights

Good News for all those who love golf!

Sky Sports is extending its rights to show live golf for another 5 years. This includes all major golfing events but also most upcoming women’s, senior and amateur games.

What’s most important is that golf enthusiasts in the United Kingdom can now be assured get at least five more years of coverage for the US Open Championship. Sky will also broadcast events like the The Ryder Cup, the Masters from Augusta, The US PGA Championship, World Golf Championship, PGA Tour and European Tours.

You can read more about this over at the Sky Sports page at http://www1.skysports.com/golf/news/12176/9346228/sky-sports-extends-us-open-golf-rights

Horse Racing in the United Kingdom

The UK is one of those countries where horse racing is not only widely popular but also has quite a vast and often fascinating history.

Did you know that the sport of horse racing originated many hundreds, if not thousands of years ago where it was mainly a past time and sport of the kings, queens and other nobles?
horse-racing-tips-3The horses and “jockeys” back at that time were usually from the military with many of the ancient jockeys actually being soldiers when they didn’t entertain the royals with their races.

Later then, horse racing  became more main stream and accessible to normal people as well. Today it is widely popular amongst all societal classes.

It is especially well liked in the United Kingdom since folks in our nation always had a particular liking to everything that has to do with betting and gambling, so it’s no wonder that betting at what horse would win a race quickly got popular.

No doubt about it, some enthusiasts may spend a lot of money on the horses and the one or the other lucky one may actually have gotten his or her fortune from betting and winning at the tracks.

Whether 100% fool-proof horse racing tips exist is also a topic that many who love that sport debate for eons. Some say that horse races are and will always be a matter of luck and they reject any system for that reason. Others say that working horse betting systems are out there and already have made many good fortunes, although it’s not always easy to find those systems amongst the heap of misinformation.

I have found that one of the best ways to go about getting actually working horse racing tips is to get a horse betting tips subscription. This has the big advantage that you can bet using solid tips while not having to dedicate your life to studying horses, jockeys and tracks. Obviously, us normal guys often simply don’t have the time to acquire this type of knowledge. With a subscription for horse racing tips you don’t have to and this is why I can definitely recommend them if you love the races as much as I do.