Fitness Studios in London: The Good and the Bad


How do you tell a good fitness studio from a bad one?

Easy answer: look at how much they charge

From my experience, those fitness gyms in London that advertise with very low prices are most of the time not worth the money. Yes, there may be the one or the other exception, but I myself stopped chasing for the lowest gym membership prices because of numerous really bad experiences.

I’ve seen it many times how the cheap gyms here in the area seem to make good for their “oh so incredible cheap ” prices with a total lack of service and poorly maintained and outdated equipment. In other words, you get what you pay for.

The irony here is that the differences in fitness gym costs, at least here in East London, are not really worth a second look. You might save a couple of bucks or so, but ultimately it’s really not worth it. If you save a couple of bucks with one fitness studio it might ultimately be pointless if the studio is somewhat further away and you need to spend more on gas money or for public transportation.

When I am looking for a good gym, what I do is that I first look at their exercise equipment. I don’t sign up with anything before I visited the studio in person and checked everything out. I’m also looking whether they have staff on site. If they only have a single desk with one person and not even bothering with those types of fitness gyms. I don’t know about you, but I always want someone knowledgeable nearby did I can ask about the equipment or the best routines.

The other thing I investigate when I choose a gym is whether they offer exercise courses and classes. I look whether I can take yoga or Pilates classes if I want to. I prefer those courses over simply going to a gym, because it’s then that I know there will always be a qualified trainer around. So, even if such a course should would cost a little more as compared to a plain membership I’d prefer those.

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