On Sports Apprenticeships

sports-apprenticeships-LondonIf you are a young sports enthusiast, chances are that you also want to pursue a career in this field.

You may look into a career as an athlete or soccer player, or maybe as a trainer or a professional for sports medicine.

Chances are also that you may have a certain sports team or company in mind you desperately want to get in. I mean, what can be better than a well paying career with that team you’re rooting for?

This is a tip I got from my buddy Andrew: He told me that people who plan to get into a particular team or sports company should try getting on as apprentices rather than asking for a full-time position right away. Andrew also told me that most of his buddies started their career as apprentices in sports and most of them (9 out of 10) did also get hired once their apprenticeship concluded.

He said that it’s already quite a gamble finding a good job in the field of sports since not many companies or teams hire right now or if they hire they don’t always advertise this on the usual places. If you go there asking for a full-time position, chances are they may tell you they won’t hire and you won’t even have an opportunity to give them your CV.

On the other hand, ask them for apprenticeship openings and they may take you and then hire you after a year or so. At the Career Map website there is more information about sports apprenticeships in London and other locations in the UK.

This is the site Andrew recommends if people are looking for apprenticeships: https://www.gov.uk/further-education-skills/apprenticeships