My Recommended Destinations For Golf Holidays

As a golf enthusiast I am certainly not the only one who cannot be without at least a week per year spending some fantastic golf holidays abroad. I usually book them fairly early in advance before I go in autumn so I can get in on the one or the other nice discount.

golf holidays in ItalyOver the years I have visited and seen many popular golf break destinations, from Spain and France to Italy, Poland, Romania and Hungary.

My best experiences so far have been with those golf holidays in France and in Italy.

What I like about them is that it’s rather close to the United Kingdom (as long as you don’t want to go too much South) and of course the many really fantastic golf courses to play on.

I think the best greens are definitely in France in the Biarritz area but the northern Italian courses near Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore are also outstanding.

I think it’s a tie because both countries have their unique charm, so it’s difficult to say which one I like best.

When I book my golf holidays I always get the complete packages that include everything, most importantly the green fees. This is way better as compared t when I have to do that on my own, besides it also always saves some money that way.

Sometimes I go by myself while my family stays home and sometimes we go on holidays together. Then we like to go to Biarritz because my wife loves the spas there and the kids can go swimming while I play. Those are the best golf holidays in my opinion since everyone in the family can do what they like during the day.