The Singing Waiters

secretsingers-birthday partyNow it’s springtime again in the United Kingdom. Needless to say this is also the time where we see weddings and a lot more other cool outdoor festivities and parties!

If you or someone you know has a wedding reception planned for this spring or in the upcoming summer months you might want to give particular attention to what musical entertainment you choose for your big day.

In the UK, surprise entertainment is currently all the hype. Right now, one could say that you cannot have a memorable party or wedding reception anywhere in or around the British capital without doing something really special for your guests. This is where I can recommend The Singing Waiters to you.

The Singing Waiters differ from many other surprise entertainers in that they are professionally trained. This means you won’t get some poor or average performers for your wedding reception or other important event. You can even book them if you need some really classy musical entertainment, say if you happen to be the owner of a company and want to impress your clients. As you can imagine, some local teenagers from down the street performing would sure be a rather poor choice for such an occasion.

The Singing Waiters cannot only do the classic “surprise at the party” stunts where they dress up as waiters. The can also do flash mobsĀ  and other types of musical entertainment for parties, depending what you have in mind and what would be most suitable. Just recently they added more costumesĀ  and routines that are fantastic for your children’s birthday party.

What I liked best about The Singing Waiters is the variety of what they can do, that they can cover everything from classical music, jazz to the latest hits everyone loves. This makes them a great choice for all types of events.